About the Artist

Alice was introduced to arts at a very young age. Her mother was a fine artist who could draw portraits with the ease of a professional. She therefore convinced her children that drawing was like writting, it came naturally once the techniques were acquired. This philosophy led Alice to draw the portraits of all her favorite Hockey Players at the early age of 8 and she did not understand the awe this produced around her as she was truly convinced that if you can write, you can also draw.

Life with its unpredictable twists and turns, led her to the UofC in Calgary Alberta, where she graduated from the Electrical Engineering program while drawing and painting for her personal enjoyment. While in Calgary, her artistic expression as a musical artist, as one of the members of the band Tau Ceti was and still is one of her most fond memories.

She has returned to Montreal and is currently at the head of the Graphics Department at Mustang Technologies Inc., a company that she co-owns with her partner Michel and where, art and technology have joined forces to produce amazing results.

Although arts were always an integral part of her life, Alice recently rediscovered the joys of what she calls Realistic Art in the media of Oil and Charcoal.

Alice studied more than a year with Georgina Wrobel, a great aquarellist and oil painter. After Alice needed a more academic, Fine Arts, classical realism teaching approach and went to Mission Renaissance to study with the renowned artists, Helene Beland and Daniel Brient.

The works displayed on this website represent her most recent projects. She enjoys sharing with her audience how the simple things are beautiful through her eyes and mind. She hopes that the shear beauty of nature will touch your soul and make you smile.

She DOES take on requests, so if you have subjects, be it portraits, still life or landscapes that would lighten your world, do not hesitate to approach her and you are sure to be pleased with her interpretation on the subject.

Each painting and drawing has its story. A resume of the story of the painting has been added to some of Alice's work on her website. As this site is new, the stories will continue to be added on when time permits.

When you purchase a painting or a drawing, it is always accompanied by the full story behind the work of art as a means to share with you the thought process and make you appreciate the artist's point of view.

You can reach her at info@alicegauthier.com.